Monday, February 1, 2016

I took a trip to the East Coast last winter break to celebrate NYE. Before going to NYC, I really had a lot of expectations about "The Big Apple" and the city fulfilled it to the fullest. These pictures are the best of New York from my perspective. Besides the beauty of the city itself, the food was perfect. Here are my recommendation of where to eat (I am pretty Asian so I am only craving for Asian food):

  • Ippudo Ramenthis place is bomb. The noodle is fresh and the soup is delicious.
  • New Wonjoit is located in K-town and 1 block away from Times Square. If you like Korean BBQ, it is your place. It's a little pricey but trust me, it's worth it!  
  • Spice Symphonya great Indian restaurant with good food and great service. You should reserve your table before going there because the restaurant is usually full during dinner time.